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Demi-Permanent X-PRESS Toners

#Hairbesties, I LOVE our 5-minute X-PRESS Toners! These are great for quick toning or pre-toning to increase the longevity of any delicate shade (like Rose Gold). Mute out, enhance, control – yassssssssss, #Hairbesties, who’s excited??! 

Instructions for Use:

  1. Mix one part #mydentity @Guy_Tang Demi-Permanent X-PRESS Toner with two parts Demi-Permanent Developer 6V (1:2)

  2. Process for up to 5 minutes until desired shade is achieved

    1. #Hairbestie Tip: Pre-toning with X-PRESS Toner gives you additional dye-load for added color longevity.

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