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Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

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Size: 2oz | 58g


  • Crystal Clear

Product Features: #Hairbesties, Crystal Clear is my most versatile shade! Mix into any of your #mydentity demi-permanent shades to soften or sheer out any color for unlimited creative color control. Also, it adds shine when used alone with 1:2 mixing ratio.

Instructions for Use: Use alone for a color glossing treatment or incorporate into any Demi-Permanent formulation to dilute or lessen deposit. 

  1. Color Glossing Treatment: #Hairbestie, mix one part #mydentity @Guy_Tang Crystal Clear Demi-Permanent Color Crème with two parts #mydentity @Guy_Tang Demi-Permanent Developer 6V (1:2), and apply color. Process for 5-25 minutes.                                                                                                        
  2. Dilute or Lessen Deposit: #Hairbestie, incorporate the desired amount of #mydentity Crystal Clear — up to 50% — into any #mydentity @Guy_Tang Demi-Permanent formulation, and apply color. Process for 5-25 minutes.            

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