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Ocean Reign

Ocean Reign

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Product Features: #Hairbesties, our Super Power™ Direct Dyes are extremely pigmented and allow you to create powerful color with maximum depth. All #mydentity Super Power™ Direct Dyes can be intermixed with each other to create endless possibilities.

    Instructions for Use: #Hairbesties, I recommend wearing suitable gloves to prevent staining. Do not mix with Developer. Apply color to clean, dry hair and process for 20 minutes. For increased vibrancy and animation, use heat. Rinse hair for several minutes and finish with the desired shampoo and conditioner. For maximum vibrancy and animation, I recommend pre-lightening the hair with #mydentity @Guy_Tang Lightener prior to application.

    #Hairbestie Tip: Use on pre-lightened hair for true to tone results. Some shades can be used over natural hair for glazing effects. 

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