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Size: 2oz | 58g

Product Features: #Hairbesties,

Love Booster is great for amplifying your Rose Gold tones or adding pink tones into any #mydentity formula.

Instructions for Use: Dual Booster COLOR MAX for impact color effects. #Hairbesties, I named these shades "Dual Booster" because you can use in two ways - for direct application or to customize, boost, correct or neutralize any of your #mydentity formulations.

  1. Direct Application: #Hairbesties, apply the required amount of Dual Booster directly on pre-lightened, dry hair. Remember these can be mixed with Permanent or Demi-Permanent Developer (6-40V) to reach your desired consistency. Process for 20 minutes. Rinse & condition with your favorite care products.
  2. Customize, boost, correct or neutralize any #mydentity shade: Incorporate desired amount of Dual Booster -- up to 50% -- to enhance any #mydentity Permanent or Demi-Permanent formulation. Process according to your Permanent or Demi-Permanent formulation.

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