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Naked Blush

Naked Blush
Naked Blush 1 Naked Blush 2

Naked Blush Formulas

  1. Pre-lighten using #Magnum8 + 30Vol Developer (1:2). Process for 20-45 minutes then shampoo and condition the hair.

  2. On dry hair, apply Demi-Permanent Naked Blush 7 + 6Vol Developer (1:2) on the rootagé and Demi-Permanent Naked Blush 9 + 6Vol Developer (1:2) on the mids.

  3. Apply 55g Demi-Permanent Naked Blush 9 + 30g Demi-Permanent Crystal Clear + 6Vol Developer (1:2) on the ends.

#Hairbestie tip: Some of my favorite formulas are Naked Blush mixed with Rose Gold, Dusty Lavender, and Silver Smoke for a variety of blushing naked tones.


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