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Natural Ice

Natural Ice
Natural Ice 1 Natural Ice 2

The Look

#Hairbesties, I love this look! It gives the perfect balance — a little bit of warmth combined with a lot of cool tones! You get that chocolate-latte color — but geared towards the cooler side. Stay cool while looking HOT!

#Hairbesties – here are the formulas I used.

Natural Ice Formulas

  1. #Magnum8 mixed 1:2 with Permanent Developer 20V for Face-framing Highlights
  2. Permanent 7NI (58g) + Permanent 6AA (29g) mixed 1:1 with Permanent Developer 20V as the Base Color
  3. Demi-Permanent 7BB (58g) mixed 1:2 with Demi-Permanent 6V as the Base Glaze
  4. Demi-Permanent 9BB (58g) mixed 1:2 with Demi-Permanent 6V on the mid-lengths
  5. Demi-Permanent 9BB (58g) + Demi-Permanent Crystal Clear (58g) mixed 1:2 with Demi-Permanent 6V through the ends


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