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Seduction 1 Seduction 2

The Look

NEW @Guy_Tang Naked Collection for all the #hairbesties in the land!!

“#Hairbesties, there is nobody else like you in this world because you are your own person. Remind yourself of your worth and remind yourself of who you are. Become your own role model. Free yourself of the mold society wants you to fit. Be yourself, be comfortable in your skin and own your #mydentity.

#Hairbesties – here are the formulas I used.

Seduction Formulas

  1. #Magnum8 + Permanent Developer 20V mixed 1:2 on rootagé
  2. #Magnum8 + Permanent Developer 30V mixed 1:2 on mid-lengths and ends
  3. Demi-Permanent Naked 8 (58g) mixed 1:2 with Demi-Permanent Developer 6V on the rootagé
  4. Demi-Permanent Naked 10 (58g) mixed 1:2 with Demi-Permanent Developer 6V on mid-lengths and through the ends


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