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#MyHero 4 Step Intense Restorative System

#MyHero 4 Step Intense Restorative System works to repair and rejuvenate hair from the inside out. Powered by X-Tech, a combination of 10 Keratin and Amino Acids, that easily absorbs into the hair to rebuild the hair’s inner matrix, while smoothing and sealing the cuticle. The hair is replenished with lost amino acids, which are essential for strong, healthy hair, and rejuvenated to a fuller, healthier looking state. The system is ideal for color-treated or virgin, stressed hair that needs extra care, strength and deep nourishment.

  • Powered by X-Tech, 10 Keratin and Amino Acids
  • Absorbs into hair to restore and rebuild hair’s inner matrix
  • Hair is rejuvenated to fuller, healthier looking state
  • Ideal for chemically treated and/or stressed virgin hair
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