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Growing up, I struggled every day with my identity. I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted to do in life, or what my purpose was.

It wasn’t until hair – that I found my purpose, my direction – and it truly saved my life

I found my identity (#mydentity). It was to make a difference, change the world doing hair.

But more than that, it was to be a friend, a #hairbestie, and inspire other stylists just like me to find their #mydentity, because I had such a hard time finding mine.

I created #mydentity because I wanted to customize colors we all dream of – colors that are missing from today’s haircolor. I want to create a line that brings back the fun & excitement in our industry.

But most of all, I want to create a community that empowers our #hairbestie family and enables all of us to find our #mydentity – because when you know who you are, you have the courage to do anything you dream of.

Hairbesties, together we will change the industry. Let’s evolve together.

#Hairbesties for Life | #HB4L

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